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  • Agata Padol
    Agata Padol

The works for the help of series of paintings. The cycles are formed as a result of opserwacji the world around me. The topic is important but much more important is the thought hidden in the phenomenon, person, thing or experience. I will focus on the discovery of an access code to the principle that if what I observed I experience. These experiences, emotions, observations are built in me a new form of painting. As I was painting flowers then yes I would have thought they are nice, colorful and diverse but most of all I was thinking what is the key to their creation, use, nśladowania them and lose them. When I painted the sky that I thought is power, color, space impossible to grasp by man but not only. I was thinking about heaven in terms of non-material and non-material categories of phenomena that happens in the space and it uses man through science, technology and civilization. Now I dedicate much attention to the people, images of people, expression on a human face, human eyes, facial expression variation in the next moment. I'm interested in the track left by a specific human face. The mystery of what lies human face is like heaven impossible to grasp by anyone on earth and yet the sky and face are not comparable in scale visual and even more different.